Sir Owen Glenn is a man of many enthusiasms

Glenn Family Foundation & GFF Helps

The Glenn Family Foundation H.E.L.P.S. programme offers ambitious young adults the opportunity to serve the underprivileged and those in need using their current talents and newly trained skills we provide. H.E.L.P.S. stands for Health, Education, Love, Protection and Spirituality; these are the pillars of our outreach.


Sir Owen has supported the Millennium Institute of Sport and Health in New Zealand which opened in 2002.  He has been a key component in ensuring that high performance athletes of New Zealand have the necessary facilities and environment to train at and to stay competitive with the rest of the high-performance sports in the world; this facility is also a focal point for community health and well-being.  Mike Stanley CNZM, Chief Executive of Millennium Institute of Sport and Health and President of the NZ Olympic Committee stated that “the funding Owen agreed to through his foundation has allowed for an objective assessment on the best ‘Centre of Excellence’ model for New Zealand, especially in terms of facilities and service and to allow us to explore financial modelling options.”  At the opening of the Sir Owen Glenn Aquatic Centre in 2017, the then Minister of Sport, the Honourable Murray McCully CNZM, stated that without Sir Owen’s support of $2.7M the project could not have come to fruition.


To enter Sir Owen’s home, you are quickly taken by the water views… it’s truly amazing. But then your eyes quickly are captured by the shelves full of Group 1 trophies.  Sir Owen has won by a unique blend of wisdom and determination… and his passion to breed Superior Equine Athletes has led to numerous Group One winners – Criterion, Monaco Consul, Comin’ Through, Railings, Pure Elation, Russian Revolution and Second Coming among them.  Enter Sir Owen’s Horse Racing World here…


Some say there might be an alarm-clock on his passport… but for sure as the sun rises, Sir Owen has travel plans.  And although he has been around the world numerous times by air, boat, train & car, seeing many wonderful places… it’s the people that he enjoys most.  So the next time you find yourself relaxing with a beverage, looking out over an ocean view, be sure to look right and left, SOGGY may be sitting next to you, ready to share a story.


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