“Be honest with him and always stay on his side. I assure you, you will be in awe of him. Beware – he takes prisoners.” – Lauren Reeves

Lauren Reeves

“Owen is one of nature’s ‘givers.’ He takes great enjoyment in sharing the benefits of his success with others. If he was down to his last ten dollars, there would be enough for two pints: one for his friend.” – Simon Morse

Simon Morse

“While today he indulges in the sport of kings and wines and dines with the best, he never forgets his friends nor has he lost the common touch.” – Jimmy Keir

Jimmy Keir

“Highlights of Sir Owen Glenn:  In business, he is a focused tiger. In general, generosity. As my business partner his honesty, vision and integrity. As a mate, his loyalty: the best.” – Malcolm Bush

Malcolm Bush

“Owen Glenn’s business coat of arms should bear the following words:  facta non verba (deeds not words)” – Charles Downey

Charles Downey

“He is tough as nails, with a heart of gold.” – Bob Hackett

Bob Hackett